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Rediscovering Patience with Nature

Rediscovering Patience with Nature

It occurred to me this morning that what I fundamentally dislike about modern or city life (or whatever you want to call the way most of us live nowadays) is the striking lack of patience we seem to have with nature and natural processes.

But when I became a mother for the first time more than three years ago. I waited patiently during the nine months while my baby grew, and I seemed to have gained an appreciation for letting nature show me the way. I read guides on parenting and listened to the advice of others, but I can honestly say that I learned then what I have put into practice now as a mother of two, and that is to let nature do what it does best and to listen, observe, and act accordingly with. . . Not try to control, schedule, and accelerate.

This is the guiding principle for creating hair and skin products which can be used for the whole family, completely safely and without worry. So we can make taking care of ourselves a family project. And fun again.

I've had to learn how to take care of our older daughter's thick but fine-textured head of super-gorgeous, irregularly patterned, very very curly, corkscrewy, wanna-be dreadlocks hair. And I've mixed up enough batches of natural hair smoothies and serums by now to find what keeps tangles away and avoids unhappy hair battles. For me, my thinning hair is a continued challenge, especially after two pregnancies. After two demoralising bouts of post-natal hair loss, I am getting back to a state of equilibrium with shiny, elastic and even slightly thicker hair. And this was largely due to neglect. With two very young children, I didn't have time to do my hair! I gave myself my first haircut when my younger daughter was just a month old (she liked to grab my hair and give it a good yank). I pulled the lot into a ponytail and cut it straight off. Since then, I have not interfered with it too much--no blow drying, no straightening, washing no more than once a week--and use natural oils instead of synthetics that promise miracles.


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