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New! Our all-natural hair care kit (in a handy trial size)

New! Our all-natural hair care kit (in a handy trial size)

Why natural hair care?

Less is more when it comes to cosmetics and how useful they are. Many of us pile on the products in our hair--many of them very harsh and chemical laden. Then we blow dry or use straightening irons. We swim in chlorinated pools, shower with hard water, wear hats, use towels, the list goes on . . .

Then, many of us have been thinking about our personal impact on the environment and how we can lessen it without looking like permanent campers.

We started our journey in natural hair products 8 years ago, switching from our normal routine to using oil and butter-based products and avoiding the baddies (SLS, alcohol, glycerin).

We've got everything you'll need to break the cycle of bad hair days. And we're doing it in Earth-friendly style!

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Made with love + care

  • All of our products are SLS-free and use only eco-friendly ingredients.
  • We only buy from ethical suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Everything is made in small batches, so you never get old stock. 
  • We carefully consider packaging and containers. Everything has to go somewhere, so we like to make sure that you have containers that you will love to reuse or that will biodegrade in your lifetime. 

Ready to try a natural hair solution? 

Read on for product information (and click on the links if you want even more):

Shampoo bar - Shore or Surf (40g)

Clean your hair and scalp without stripping the oils that keep it healthy. This size bar will last more than a few washes. Contains argan oil, coconut oil, olive oil, mango butter, muru muru butter + aloe vera floral water.

  • Pick SHORE for a brightening, herbal essential oil scent and an extra boost of rosemary, horsetail and nettle extract.
  • Or choose SURF for a breezy, beautiful coastal scent with a shot of Atlantic seaweed extract.

SeaFlower conditioner (100ml)

The perfect after-shampoo treatment for hair. Most types of hair will need some conditioning even once in a while. Sea buckthorn oil and coconut deliver a superb moisture in a deceptively light concoction, which will leave your hair gloriously soft. With no glycerins or artificial moisture boosters, the good stuff goes straight in your hair. We've also used this conditioner as a leave-in. . . for the curly heads around here. 

SeaFlower oil (20ml)

We love this oil on all types of hair, especially on the ends of long hair and in medium-textures. Argan, castor, coconut and jojoba oils promote hair and scalp health, boost shine, and balance those healthy oils. 

Muru muru smoothie (20g)

Our original product, the smoothie is a hair and skin supervitamin. We recommend it for use on all moisture-needy types of hair and scalp (this is most of us). Use it as a pre-shampoo treatment once a week, or leave it in thicker textures. Available in SeaFlower aromatherapy scent or unscented (for babies and sensitive skin).

Once you've chosen what you'd like to try, we'll bundle it up in that sweet organic muslin drawstring tote bag. 

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