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Our first fundraising project - Water Aid

Our first fundraising project - Water Aid

Spring 2016 and the five-year old is worried about the children she saw on the television who don't have clean water.

"Why do they have to pee and poo in the river?" Children see things plainly.

But it's a relevant question, especially as we watch it on our very large flat screen television, from our plumbed home with three bathrooms.


So her Godfather helps me arrange a fundraising event for Water Aid. I gathered up the odds and ends from the workshop--the soaps that were perfectly fine, but not perfectly perfect, if you see what I mean--and we booked a stall at the childrens' primary school summer fete.


Between the stall and donations from friends and family, we raised £326.72 for Water Aid. And we feel pretty good about that.


Ok, yes, one of us was a bit more interested in winning prizes in the tombola, but you get the point.



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