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Statement on Sustainability and Ethical Business Practices

Statement on Sustainability and Ethical Business Practices


Blue Mountain Apiary, Jamaica

Producers of our beeswax and honey infused with

Blue Mountain coffee, ginger, and cinnamon notes.

Sargasso sources raw ingredients from proven, reputable, and independent suppliers in the UK and around the world, especially in the Caribbean, where we are committed to doing business.
We are always searching for unique and beautiful raw materials, especially from Caribbean suppliers, to use in our formulations or to sell in the UK market.
In doing so, we will never knowingly buy from companies or individuals who engage in environmentally destructive practises, exploit workers, or test products on animals. 


Palm Oil

We use palm oil as part of our soap base. Our palm oil supplier is certified RSPO; that's a designation from the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, an organisation that's been working on improving the palm oil harvesting industry since 2004. This organisation has the approval of the European Union, which has the highest international standards for agricultural products.

Beeswax + Honey

We source the beeswax in our products from an independent supplier in Jamaica. The wax and honey made by the very busy bees at Blue Mountain Apiary are divinely scented with the locally grown coffees, cinnamon and ginger. Of course, they are equally busy helping to make your next cup of Blue Mountain coffee.

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