Natural, handmade luxury soaps made with a coconut butter and aloe vera base. Bathe in gorgeous lather and exquisite scents. With 14 bars (and more on the way!) to choose from, your family can have lots of favourites.

Soaps are made in small batches, yielding 16-24 soaps at a time. 

We cut all of our soaps individually. With the exception of our Barefoot sensitive and baby bar which weighs in at 75g, we aim for 120 grams of soap in each bar. Often, you will get a more generous bar.

Sometimes bars are lighter than 120g once dry and ready for sale. In this case, we'll label and discount accordingly.

The numerical weight measure, followed by the letter symbol  tells the consumer that this is an estimated net weight for a product. In the case of our soaps, it also indicates a minimum weight.


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