Try + Travel

We get it. It's a bit <hmmmm> buying scents you can't smell and products you can't try on your skin or hair before buying, isn't it? 

We had you in mind

If you can't decide which of our soaps you'd love, we've also offer a really lovely gift box, which you can fill with any three of our mini soaps for just £8. It also makes a great  gift. 

 Try It + Love It

Interested in our natural hair and scalp products, but not sure which will be best for your hair? We've got generous trial sizes for each of one of our hair + scalp care products. It's enough to get you on your way to balancing your scalp, improving the condition of your hair, and deciding which are your favourite scents.


We've tried to guide you toward what we think will work for your hair type here. But these are just suggestions. We find that a combination of products will give you better options to care for your hair and scalp naturally. 

curly hair with normal to dry scalp

wavy or straight hair with normal to oily scalp


hair + scalp oil - SeaFlower aromatherapy - 20ml
  • deep moisturiser
  • leave-in
  • weekly pre-shampoo treatment
  • seal ends
muru muru smoothie -  SeaFlower aromatherapy - 20g
  • best for curlies
  • detangler
  • deep moisture for hair
  • scalp vitamin
  • leave-in
  • scalp vitamin
  • weekly pre-shampoo treatment
muru muru smoothie - unscented for sensitive/baby - 20g
  • all of above
  • cradle cap
  • dermatitis or eczematic skin conditions
  • all of above
  • cradle cap
  • dermatitis or eczematic skin conditions
shampoo + body wash - 50ml
  • once weekly users
  • suitable for frequent washing
sea buckthorn + coconut conditioner - 50ml
  • co-cleansing
  • after shampooing
  • after shampooing
  • suitable for frequent use
aloe hair + skin tonic - Windward or SeaFlower aromatherapy - 60ml
  • detangle in between washes
  • refresh curl
  • detangle
  • soften hair
Siren sea salt + aloe hair spray - SeaFlower or Windward aromatherapy -  30ml
  • texturise while nourishing
  • volume and texture for thin hair
  • create waves, tousled look
  • style + nourish


The Try + Travel pouch is completely, 100% biodegradable and compostable, and the trial size bottles and pot are perfect for reuse as travel or gym bag containers for product refills for your other toiletries. They are also made of recyclable materials.