Aloe + Sea Buckthorn Facial Cleanser
Aloe + Sea Buckthorn Facial Cleanser
Aloe + Sea Buckthorn Facial Cleanser
Aloe + Sea Buckthorn Facial Cleanser

Aloe + Sea Buckthorn Facial Cleanser

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Beautifully, Simply Clean!

Gentle and nourishing, this lovely facial cleanser leaves your skin feeling clean and pampered. I've used it for nearly a decade + am proud to offer it now as part of the Sargasso retail line. 

It’s unscented + made only with gentle natural foaming ingredients--decyl glucoside, from coconut oil + quillaja saponaria aka extract of the Chilean soap bark tree. These beauties gently lift dirt from skin while organic extracts of aloe vera + sea buckthorn do the important work of nourishing and pampering your face and neck. Think simply clean, soft, touchable face and neck.

It comes in a gorgeous aluminium bottle, which is reusable, refillable + completely and  easily recyclable ♻️

Instructions for use: Shake bottle gently. Dampen face and neck skin. Apply cleanser with clean fingers. Rub lightly into skin and rinse with clean water. Follow with your favourite toner + oil or moisturiser.

Customise your facial cleanser! 

Scent it with your favourite essential oils! You can add up to (and no more) than 1 ml of your favourite plant oils -- lavender, rose, geranium etc. Please do your research before you attempt this to ensure that your choice is suitable for your facial skin. Measure and mix well (turning it top-to-toe for a minute will do the trick). 

You can absolutely use this product out of the bottle, tipping a little out each time.  But it's available with your choice of pump - the idea is that you keep it and use it with your next refill! 


Traditional lotion pump (at left, black/silver) - This pump dispenses 1.5 ml of product with an easy push motion, so you can sit your bottle on a flat surface + easily dispense. You'll get at least 85 washes with this pump.

Serum/treatment pump - This handy + lockable (twists closed) topper dispenses 1ml of product. Pushing down takes a slightly more thoughtful effort than the traditional one, below, but it gives you smaller amounts each time. If you're counting, you could get as many as 125 uses per bottle!

Make it Foamy!

If you really love luscious bubbles, then try the foamer pump. You can refill it very easily by opening the screw top. 

This bottle holds 200ml of product and is refillable. Just screw the top off and fill with your favourite facial cleanser . . . or shampoo or body wash.

I would recommend loosening the mixture a little if you're using this bottle with the aloe + sea buckthorn facial cleanser. Just add a few drops of deionised water or hydrosol (floral water) to the cleanser and the pump will work more freely.

Material is mixed - recyclable PET plastic container and non-recyclable pump and cap, so PLEASE keep and reuse this container.

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Mix up your Exfoliation Routine

Get this beautiful bamboo + cotton square into your life and you'll be glowing in no time! For gentle sloughing of expired cells, a little texture goes a long way. This cloth has it all and mine is going on 6 years old with no sign of giving up! Made in the UK by Hydréa London, who've got an admirable eco standard. Scrub away. . . worry free! 

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Loofah's rough edges help skin stay healthy by gently removing the layer of old skin + clearing debris, so that skin products can get straight to work! This facial pad is 10 cm in diameter + is backed with pure Egyptian cotton. A handy loop makes it easy to use + hang to air dry. Full benefits and care instructions are on the packet. Add to your order for £4

aloe + sea buckthorn facial cleanser ingredients 

aqua, aloe barbadensis (organic leaf) extract, glycerine, coco glucoside, sodium cocoamphoacetate, xanthan gum, benzyl alcohol, dehydroacetic acid, sorbic acid, benzoic acid, hippophae rhamnoides (organic kernel of sea buckthorn) extract, quillaja saponiaria, sodium bicarbonate.